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08 November 2008 @ 08:06 am
A sign of the economy  
I know that this will mean more to some people on my list than others, but it is pretty shocking.

INATS (the International New Age Trade Show) East has been cancelled for 2009 due to the economy. According to their web site:

In light of the current worldwide economic situation, we've decided to postpone the INATS East show until 2010. By waiting out these hard times, we feel we'll be better able to provide the buyer attendance that is crucial to exhibitor success.

I have the potential to be doom and gloom about some things from time to time, and about a year ago I had made a prediction that the pagan economy would be hurting pretty bad, however I thought at least the new agers could keep the coffers from running dry. But this.... wow. This is big. (And, as a sad note, if they do go on schedule for the 2010 conference, it's in Clearwater and not Orlando. Bah. Again, a sign of "going cheap".)
Sunfellsunfell on November 8th, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC)
I don't know about you, but for nearly the past year, I've had no disposable income at all. None. Prices skyrocketed for all sorts of stuff, and the little cushion of disposable income I had simply evaporated.

Adding insult to injury, my credit card vendors have increased my minimums, and one has reduced my line of credit- even though I have never been late, or anywhere near my 'max'. Now I'm not. Any idea of putting a trip somewhere on the plastic is now gone. Its all cash now- no credit.

And I don't see anything loosening up for at least 18 months- or even longer.

I wonder if the INATS is 'waiting out' the bad times, or is unable to put together a trade show? I am willing to bet it's the latter. Sad, really.
juliakijuliaki on November 8th, 2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
Because of the freelancing work I do, when the economy tanks, I'm rolling in gigs. So for the past couple years, I've been doing insanely good and had more disposable income than I have had at any other time in my life. Most of where it is going, however, is to "durable" stuff... things like appliances for the house and minor remodeling projects. Another portion is going to things to keep my sanity (vacations, etc.). And still another sizable portion is going to charity, because there's a lot more people in need than there was a while back.

The longer this goes on, even I'll start to feel a bit of a pinch as companies that have cut back on their staff and hired freelancers then start cutting back on freelancers (or shutting down their companies altogether). One of my gigs (editing standardized tests) isn't going anywhere as long as No Child Left Behind stays on the books. The other gig (editing video game strategy guides) is more tenuous. So at this point, even I'm looking at alternative income sources.

I think your estimate of 18 months is pretty spot-on. I'm curious to see what the numbers for INATS West are/will be (as that one has not been cancelled). If they cancelled both shows, I'd be very concerned instead of just concerned.