juliaki (juliaki) wrote,

A sign of the economy

I know that this will mean more to some people on my list than others, but it is pretty shocking.

INATS (the International New Age Trade Show) East has been cancelled for 2009 due to the economy. According to their web site:

In light of the current worldwide economic situation, we've decided to postpone the INATS East show until 2010. By waiting out these hard times, we feel we'll be better able to provide the buyer attendance that is crucial to exhibitor success.

I have the potential to be doom and gloom about some things from time to time, and about a year ago I had made a prediction that the pagan economy would be hurting pretty bad, however I thought at least the new agers could keep the coffers from running dry. But this.... wow. This is big. (And, as a sad note, if they do go on schedule for the 2010 conference, it's in Clearwater and not Orlando. Bah. Again, a sign of "going cheap".)
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